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Paper Sample Book

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Paper Sample Book Free File Review

Die Cut Business Cards
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What is a Die Cut Business Card?
Die cutting is a process where a steel die along with pressure from a hydraulic or mechanical press is used to cut a specific shape from a sheet of paper. The die is a shaped steel blade used to punch out “Die Cut” the desired shape. Select from one of our dies or have us create a custom one for you. We can create just about any size or shape, from steel dies for standard shapes to custom laser cutting for precise, intricate, shapes, and cuts.

500LS High Resolution Printing
Looking for quality? Not all printing is the same. To those demanding quality our premium business cards are printed using some of the best paper, ink, coating, and equipment the printing industry has to offer. Our premium business cards are printed at almost twice the resolution of a standard card: High Resolution (Staccato screening - 20 micron / 500 lpi). Recommended for simple, moderate, or heavy graphics containing standard or high resolution photo quality images & logos.

Free File Review | Free Shipping
All print files are automatically reviewed. The standard review is a precaution that we take to reduce mistakes/reprints. Review Includes image resolution, bleeds, font substitution, and color mode. Note: We do not check for spelling errors. A final proof is sent via email for print authorization. Free UPS ground shipping is available on orders of 250 cards or more. Getting a small or large order delivered to your home or office is never a problem. Note: Free shipping is only available in the United States (lower 48) excludes Alaska, Hawaii.

Spot Gloss
Spot gloss is a glossy coating that is only applied to a specific section of the business card. The selected area is singled out and coated with a glossy finish while the rest remains uncoated. You have the option of adding the spot gloss to any area of the card, for example over a logo, a certain section of a graphic, or even as an elaborate pattern.

Foil Stamp | Embossing
Add elegant, bold color to your card with our premium foil stamping options. Foil stamping is a process where pressure from a press along with heated copper dies are used to add specific foil colors to a business card. Select from 20 beautiful foil colors (including gold, silver, copper, blue, red, pink, green, purple, and many more). Often used in combination with premium foil stamping, embossing is a process where pressure from a press along with metal dies are used to add a three-dimensional or raised effect on selected areas of a business card. Embossing can be used different ways: without ink, so that the image is raised but not colored, with ink/color, or even combined with foil stamping.

Painted Edge Business Cards
Add an additional layer of bold color to your business cards with our edge painting options. Some of our colors include gold, silver, copper, black, red, pink, green, and many more. Select from over 40 edge colors (including metallics & fluorescents). Note: Colors may slightly bleed around the edges. For best results, choose an edge color that is similar or lighter than the background color in your design.
Painted Edge Colors

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Business Card Design
Business Card Design
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Foil Business Cards
Foil Business Cards
Foil Business Cards