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Paper Sample Book
Paper Sample Book

File Review

Custom Logo Design Free File Review
Paper Sample Book Free File Review

 Top Questions

  • How long does the printing take?
  • How does the graphic design process work?
  • When placing an order what are my options?
  • What are your shipping costs?
  • Is your site secure?
  • How do I re-order?


    My online Order

  • How do I log-in to my account?
  • How do I track my orders?
  • Can I cancel or change my order? 
  • How do I re-order?
  • The order I received is not complete. What do I do?


    Payment & Billing

  • What methods of payment do you accept?
  • Where is my order? 
  • How do I report a billing error? 
  • Can you send me a bill or bill me later?


    Printing & Production

  • What is CMYK printing?
  • What is the difference between the RGB and CMYK? 
  • Can SmallBusinessPrinting review my files before it prints?
  • Do you offer rush printing service?
  • What line screen do you print with?
  • Will I be able to write on your products?


    Site Issues & Site Navigation

  • Is your site secure?


    Graphic Design

  • What are your specifications for custom artwork? 
  • Which file formats can I save my artwork in? 
  • What resolution does my artwork need to be for uploading?
  • How can I reduce the file size of the artwork I want to upload? 
  • How do I upload a file that I have created in Microsoft® Publisher?


    Pricing &  Product Information

  • Can I request a quote?
  • Do you offer volume discounts?
  • What paper stock do you use?
  • What printing process do you use?
  • When placing an order what are my options?


    Shipping and Delivery

  • What are your shipping costs?
  • Which shipping methods do you use?  
  • What countries do you ship to?
  • Can I arrange for my own shipping provider/courier to deliver my order?


    My Web Account

  • I forgot my password. What do I do?
  • I get an error when trying to sign in. What do I do?
  • How do I register/create an account?
  • How do I change my e-mail address with you?
  • How do I update my contact information?
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    Business Card Design
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    Foil Business Cards
    Foil Business Cards
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